Online Music Lessons for Learning the Organ

By John Foreman

Learn the organ with online lessons
The organ pipes from St John’s Parish Church in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

The organ is arguably the most difficult and unquestionably the largest instrument to play.  Sounds produced by the pipe organ are infinitely variable, ranging from barely audible to extremely powerful. Before one begins studying the organ, one has to feel a real need to play and be prepared to spend an enormous amount of time learning to play the instrument. There are no shortcuts, so it is very important for students to receive quality instruction.

The ability to play the piano to at least Grade 5 standard is important prior to beginning organ study. Although both the piano and the organ have black and white keys, the similarities end there. Touch is all important in piano playing, but not really applicable to playing the organ. Read on to learn more about this most magnificent of instruments, and how you can learn to play with online video lessons!

Online Music Lessons for Learning Guitar

Learn guitar with online lessons

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is most commonly associated with rock-n-roll music, but the guitar has been an important instrument for centuries. Flamenco, classical, and other earlier guitar styles have long been a source of inspiration for modern rock stars. Plus, the portability (from home, to campfires, to college, or to the local coffeeshop) can’t be beat.

Everyone has probably thought about playing the guitar at one time or another, but may have been discouraged because it looks too complicated. The reality is that anyone willing to invest time and effort can learn to play, whether through online videos, tutorials, or interactive lessons. Imagine being able to strum holiday carols or campfire songs with your loved ones, and enjoy the feeling of creating music. The guitar is one of the most accessible instruments available to musicians of every skill level – read on to learn more!

Online Music Lessons for Learning to Sing

Singing is an excellent choice of instrument to learn with online music lessons. It can be a serious musical pursuit or simply make a wonderful and rewarding hobby. People expect that singing has to come naturally for it to sound good. However, there is no need for wishful thinking if you want to sing well. By taking singing lessons online anyone can dramatically improve their singing ability, even if you think that you’re not a “natural” singer.

learn to sing with online lessons

Online Music Lessons for Learning Piano

As many people will attest, piano music can be very soothing and relaxing to the ears. But did you know that playing it could be more beneficial than just hearing it? You might expect it to be something stressful, as piano music can seem so complicated.

People who have no idea how to play piano automatically assume that it takes long and tedious hours of learning how to read notes from classical notation, and carefully orchestrate all ten fingers in perfect synchronicity. However, if you really want to play the piano, you have to set those concerns aside and open up your mind to all the wonder of playing the instrument. Anything that you want to master is going to take some time. The trick is to make it fun for yourself so it won’t feel as if you’re taking years to learn. You might be surprised just how quickly you can begin having fun playing the piano, and in time, you’ll realize the playing the piano is a very fruitful pursuit.

So don’t worry – read on, so you can finally take the next step and start learning.

Top Tips for Online Music Lessons

tips for online music lessonsWhen you’re enrolled in any class it’s natural for you to want to get the most out of it, and online music lessons are no different. You’re going to need to optimise the time that you have during your video lessons with your teacher if you’re to reach your potential as a musician. It’s up to you whether you’re going to go the extra mile in your learning, but if you stay focused on your goal you’ll find the motivation to do so.

In this article we’ll share some tips that will help you make sure you’re getting all you can from learning music online.

How to get started with online music lessons

So, you’ve just taken the first step of learning music online by signing up for live video lessons? Great! Now you’re going to know how to take full advantage of your lessons. Here are ten steps for making the most of your online music lessons.

1. Decide if online music lessons are really right for you

As with other activities, music lessons take time. You have the power to choose your own schedule when it comes to taking up online lessons. But with great power comes great responsibility. You have to make sure that what you’re doing is something that you will be able to stick with. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Can you make a regular schedule for your lessons?
  • Do you have a quiet place in your house where you can take the lessons?
  • Is this something that you can dedicate yourself to?

The answer to these questions should be “yes” before you proceed to booking your first lesson with a teacher.

2. Find the right teacher

The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Recently, more and more people have been choosing online lessons instead of physical ones. Music is one of the most searched-about topics in the world of online learning. Wondering why? Read on to learn about its advantages beforehand and see if learning music online might be right for you.

FaceTime Music LessonsThe Internet is a vast wonderland, especially for quick searches such as finding the correct chords for a specific song, or maybe the sheet music for your favorite sonata. However, if you learn solely by going on YouTube to scour for lessons, you can end up focusing on something that’s not useful or learn something that you don’t really need, or even learn the wrong way of doing it. It also opens up more room for mistakes, confusion and frustration, as you’re relying on pre-made lessons for a more general audience.

Google Hangouts Music LessonsFor these reasons if you want to learn music online, a more personalized or tailored solution should be your first choice. Specifically, taking live 1-on-1 lessons with an expert teacher, for example using a video call on Skype, Apple FaceTime or a Google Hangout. The best part is that everyone can access this kind of online music lesson, regardless of their current abilities or instrument interest. From beginners to seasoned professionals, there’s bound to be a lesson that can suit your tastes and needs.

Skype Music LessonsWith live and online music lessons, aside from the fact that you’re getting exactly the lessons that you need or want, they’re also available whenever and wherever there’s internet access, and you can still reap the benefits of maintaining a schedule with your own personal music teacher.

Let’s continue to a more detailed explanation of the benefits of online music lessons.