MusicMonde: The Worldwide Music School
Playing a musical instrument or singing adds an exciting new dimension to your mind.

With modern technology, a music teacher in any place can communicate with a pupil anywhere else to help them explore this world of music. This can be done by email, FaceTime, Skype or by telephone.

The MusicMonde app for iPhone, iPad and Android is the first part of the new MusicMonde school, founded to provide first-rate music education worldwide in a modern, convenient and affordable way.

John Foreman

John Foreman
John Foreman, the founder and principal of MusicMonde, has studied music for most of his life.

John has for a long time wanted to pass on some of the musical knowledge he has acquired along the way and help other teachers to do the same. He hopes that MusicMonde will connect music students around the world with their perfect teacher and so help them reach their full musical potential.

Easy Ear Training

Easy Ear Training is a music education technology company founded in 2009 to develop innovative new ways for musicians to improve their musical ears. They offer a range of iOS apps and a range of eBooks and online courses, including a free beginners ear training course.

Easy Ear Training is proud to partner with John Foreman in bringing MusicMonde to life.

Terms and Conditions

The intended functionality of the MusicMonde app and website is to help music students get in contact with potential teachers. MusicMonde does not provide lessons, nor handle payment between students and teachers.

Once contact is made through the app or website, the responsibility for arranging lessons lies solely with student and prospective teacher. No guarantees are made about the teachers featured in MusicMonde, nor the lessons which may be arranged with them.

Teachers featured in the MusicMonde app provide lessons to students over the age of 18 only.

If you have any questions about the usage of this app or these terms and conditions please feel free to contact us.

Copyright Notices

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